How LIVING FROM VISION got startedNovember 18, 2014

It all started with a prayer!
By the mid-19 eighties I, Ilona Selke, had gone through a variety of psychotherapy trainings, and yet was feeling that I was missing that special method, that would connect the spiritual  with the emotional life and which could make REAL lasting changes in people’s lives.

That is when I sent out a prayer, an urgent call to the universe, to supply me with the one method that made REAL CHANGES.

That is when I met Dr. Vernon Wolf and his work of HOLODYNAMICS as well as Dr. Rod Newton with what eventually became known as the LIVING FROM VISION course.
Both methods are incorporated into what is now known as the Living from Vision course, and I write about these methods in my books WISDOM of the DOLPHINS as well as in my book DOLPHINS, love & DESTINY.

We live in holographic universe, in which we learn to increasingly use the power of our consciousness, which, when purified, creates greater abundance, greater love, greater joy, incredible gratitude, greater bliss, and greater fulfillment.

However this takes daily work, daily engagements, and methods that actually really enter into the deepest level of subconscious mind as well as into the super-conscious mind.

Miraculous results come about when we apply these daily practices.  People often wish for instantaneous results, and you can certainly have magical shifts and manifestations of your dreams with the LFV methods.

But, when you apply them every day, year after year, the greatness that you can become will be breathtaking. This can be professional success, or up-leveling your life-style, but it can also mean an incredible expansion of your happiness level or your supernatural abilities.

Have a look at the LFV videos and books written about it, to find out how effective the LFV methods can be for you.

Find out about the secret workings of the universe, OR deepen and expand the secret workings you already know.

Many successful and already masterful people have taken the LFV course over and over again, to help them write their book, produce their dreams and rise to their next highest level.

It will be a worthwhile,  a journey of self empowerment, and of discovering that you are so much more than your physical body.

We invite you to take on the 36 Day Challenge to take your life to your next higher level, irregardless of if you have already spent years in mastering these skills or are just starting out. The LFV course will take you to YOUR NEXT STEP.

I’m very excited to help you and assist you in your evolution.

Yours Ilona








I just finished my 5-Week "Living from Vision" Online course and it was really fantastic! I rarely had so much fun and always was so much looking forward to the next exercises.
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