What I got from the LFV courseNovember 13, 2014

What has the course given you?
Soooooooo much, I can’t put it into words.  I’ve felt more positive, that life is falling into place before me.  Like I am no longer a web of solidified impulses reacting to life in front of me.  I am no longer a rat in the lab, a human in the matrix.  Now that I see this, I feel some grief that so many people are living this way, hypnotized, with amnesia of their power.
I have TONS of energy that is super, super efficient.  I have developed a daily spiritual practice as I have never done before. ….
I have become skilled at using imagery throughout the day to “see” things differently.  I never did that before.  I just ruminated over limitations.
And I am an Aries, always wanting to move forward and blaze a trail, so I was frustrated a lot with the “box” and just miserable when I tried to put myself in it.
This LFV course opened up the door of my consciousness.  I reunited with my half-sister and aunt after years of strained relationships.  I have a more healing attitude toward relationships, seeing people’s higher self and dialoguing with them, instead of my leader Aries fire viewing relationships as conflictual or win-lose.
I also saw in meditation today, a very very playful dolphin, who came and tapped my third eye with his nose.  I really would like,  at some point,  to come to the dolphin retreats in
Bali ….  Or to continue my study with Ilona in any way I can.
 With much gratitude,
Tracy Kelly

I just finished my 5-Week "Living from Vision" Online course and it was really fantastic! I rarely had so much fun and always was so much looking forward to the next exercises.
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