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The POWER of CHOICEMay 14, 2015


by Ilona Selke http://www.livingfromvision.com

The other night I was invited to dinner in Ubud, the artist town of Bali. It turned out that the person sitting next to me had worked in the early years with Harry Palmer of Avatar, to help ‘put him on the map’.

He was older now, and had accumulated a sizable amount of wisdom, which was shining through his eyes. I couldn’t help but ask: What is the quintessence of your life’s studies? And if he were to put it into one sentence what would it be? (more…)

What I got from the LFV courseNovember 13, 2014

What has the course given you?
Soooooooo much, I can’t put it into words.  I’ve felt more positive, that life is falling into place before me.  Like I am no longer a web of solidified impulses reacting to life in front of me.  I am no longer a rat in the lab, a human in the matrix.  Now that I see this, I feel some grief that so many people are living this way, hypnotized, with amnesia of their power.
I have TONS of energy that is super, super efficient.  I have developed a daily spiritual practice as I have never done before. ….
I have become skilled at using imagery throughout the day to “see” things differently.  I never did that before.  I just ruminated over limitations.
And I am an Aries, always wanting to move forward and blaze a trail, so I was frustrated a lot with the “box” and just miserable when I tried to put myself in it.
This LFV course opened up the door of my consciousness.  I reunited with my half-sister and aunt after years of strained relationships.  I have a more healing attitude toward relationships, seeing people’s higher self and dialoguing with them, instead of my leader Aries fire viewing relationships as conflictual or win-lose.
I also saw in meditation today, a very very playful dolphin, who came and tapped my third eye with his nose.  I really would like,  at some point,  to come to the dolphin retreats in
Bali ….  Or to continue my study with Ilona in any way I can.
 With much gratitude,
Tracy Kelly